Linda Garson

Linda Garson
  • Mentored:

    Bryan Shopka, owner of Douglas Square Physiotherapy Centre

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  • Location:

    Calgary , Alberta

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Business Profile

Linda Garson is the owner of GDA Marketing, a full service design and marketing agency. Founded in 1978, GDA marketing specializes in creative commercial communications, and has worked with several clients for almost 20 years. Her firm has invested heavily in technology, along with the time and training necessary to put it to advantage, to run an efficient and tightly-administered business.

My Story

Guiding a young entrepreneur along the path to success. Linda Garson first became involved with Futurpreneur Canada when she sat next to a volunteer at a marketing luncheon in Calgary. After hearing about what Futurpreneur Canada does as an organization, Linda asked how she could get involved, and signed up to be a mentor.

With thirty years working in the business world, Linda was glad to pass on any advice, support and encouragement she could to her award-winning entrepreneur Bryan Shopka, who had the drive and the practical background needed to open his own physiotherapy centre, but not the business experience necessary to become a success.

“Obstacles are meant to be overcome, so as someone outside of (Bryan’s) business, I can be objective and draw upon years of experience to suggest alternatives that could help solve a problem or smooth a path.” Linda says she’s grateful for the opportunity to help someone succeed who deserves to do well, adding Bryan’s work ethic and determination will undoubtedly help him expand his already successful practice.


A mentor can help firstly by understanding and examining goals, and by making sure they are the right goals for the business, then by suggesting way that could help the entrepreneur reach those goals. What are all our years of experience worth if we can’t make use of them and pass some of what we have learned on to the next generation?”