Massage Athletica

Mike Booth of Massage Athletica. / Mike Booth, de Massage Athletica.
  • Owner:

    Mike Booth

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  • Mentor:

    John Craig

  • Industry:

    Health and Wellness

  • Location:

    Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Business Profile

Massage Athletica is an athlete-friendly sports massage therapy clinic in Manitoba. All its massage therapists are trained, certified practitioners who understand the body’s capabilities. They will help clients alleviate the effects of stress, overuse, tension, and strain aim to bring about a state of total wellness.

My Story

Every day is game day Mike Booth, a graduate from the University of Manitoba and from the Massage College of Manitoba, is passionate about healthy, active living and keeping his body in top condition. Having suffered through a number of sports-related injuries during his ten years as an elite level athlete, he was shocked that the massage therapists he saw possessed little knowledge of the specific needs of athletes.

Mike decided to create Massage Athletica, a sports massage therapy clinic, to provide long-lasting benefits and immediate results for active people. Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth, MB4Youth Division connected Mike with Futurpreneur Canada, where he received financing, mentoring and business resources. Futurpreneur Canada matched Mike with Futurpreneur Canada mentor John Craig who provides advice and support to help the young entrepreneur run his business. The main philosophy that drives the work Massage Athletica does is that an active lifestyle starts with a well-balanced body. “I encourage all Massage Athletica employees to focus on tangible results and to help clients feel better from the very first day,” explained Mike.

For Mike, being an entrepreneur is a lot like being an athlete. “I love that each day and each client is different,” he said. “There is a diversity of challenges daily and I need to be on my game all day long.”


I have benefited greatly from the support I received from my Futurpreneur Canada mentor John Craig. He has been an invaluable resource for my business and a sounding board for any ideas. I really feel that he understands my business and gives me great insight into the path to success.”