Michel Girard

Michel Girard
  • Mentored:

    Pierre-Alexandre Villeneuve Tremblay and Mélanie Larin, owners of Lavéco Mobile Inc.

  • Date Matched:


  • Location:

    Mirabel, Quebec

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Business Profile

Michel Girard is the president of Québec International Consultant, part of Groupe Quator. A successful entrepreneur himself, Michel helps with the placement of personnel in the manufacturing, industrial and service fields.

My Story

A transfer of knowledge and experience.

That’s how Michel Girard describes his mentoring style, guiding Pierre-Alexandre Villeneuve and Mélanie Larin in their success with Lavéco Mobile Inc. Michel says he views his role as mentor as someone who is simply available to young entrepreneurs, whether to answer questions, schedule meetings, or just listen to problems.

“I try to help them in the development of their planning and strategies, but it’s also appropriate to share my own mistakes and to show them that it is possible to overcome them. I think that it is important to establish feasible and quantifiable goals, to be positive and to believe in oneself. There is always a solution to a problem.”

Stressing the need to encourage young entrepreneurs to stimulate growth on a local community level, and on a national level, Michel calls the Futurpreneur Canada mentoring program “a win-win solution for everyone involved.”

He explains that the entrepreneur receives the guidance and experience of a mentor, the mentor gets the opportunity to be involved in the next generation of new and innovative business ideas and leaders, and communities have more jobs available to them, and grow economically as well.


The Futurpreneur Canada mentoring program is crucial to help business start-ups. We have to keep on helping and stimulating young entrepreneurs to encourage economic growth in Canada. It is a win-win situation for everyone, and creates jobs in the region. Youth entrepreneurs are the future of our communities. ”