Nest Family Centre

  • Owner:

    Hillery Taylor

  • Jobs Created:


  • Inception:


  • Mentor:

    Joan Clasen

  • Industry:

    Health and Wellness

  • Location:

    Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Business Profile

Nest Family Centre is Winnipeg’s only family centre created by an experienced Registered Nurse and is designed to cater to the needs and desires of Winnipeg families. They provide expectant and young families with up-to-date and accurate information and support, and their ultimate goal is to ensure that families will be able to make informed decisions about all aspects of health.

My Story

It started in the delivery room!

Hillery graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Manitoba in 2006 and worked at St. Boniface General Hospital in many departments such as high and low-risk pregnancies, deliveries and postpartum recovery for mothers, breastfeeding support, and newborn care. She also assisted new mothers and their families in learning how to adjust and care for their new baby in the home.

From this experience, Hillery saw an opportunity in Winnipeg for a business to provide these vital services, and so her initial concept called Baby Rush was born. For expectant mothers and their families, it was a place where they could mitigate any misconceptions and or concerns they were encountering.

Due to the success of her program, Hillery has since opened Nest Family Center, which is home to over 2,000 square feet of education and therapy rooms where trained professionals provide emotional support and informative classes before, during and after pregnancy.

Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth connected Hillery with Futurpreneur Canada, where she received financing, mentoring and business resources. She was also matched with mentor Joan Clasen who provided advice and support to help the young entrepreneur run her business.

“Creating Nest Family Centre has been a dream of mine for over ten years! I feel incredibly fortunate that my dream is now a reality, thanks to the help of Futurpreneur Canada. I would encourage all young people to follow their dreams and pursue entrepreneurship,” said Hillery.


My mentor, Joan, has made me feel like she is really in my corner. Her experience has strengthened my confidence in my ability to follow my passion and make it a success. I can’t wait to see how our relationship continues to develop.”