Kamlesh Lal of Notetracks. / Kamlesh Lal, de Notetracks.
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    Kamlesh Lal

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    Computer/Software Applications

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    Montreal, Quebec

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Business Profile

Notetracks is an iOS application designed for audio and music students and professionals to take descriptive notes of audio content while simultaneously listening to the audio track.

My Story

Kamlesh has always had two passions – technology and music. In university, he graduated with a major in computer science and a minor in music studies. It was during his music classes where he experienced a problem that would eventually form the basis for Notetracks. When learning about a particular aspect of theory or honing in on a specific bar of music, his professors would often play a piece of music to the class or, less often, would show a video of the wave form of the music to illustrate the lesson. As a student, Kamlesh realized that the notes he took during the course never fully captured the essence of what he heard or saw – he had to rely on memory.

He developed Notetracks to allow anyone to take notes with audio by combining audio, video, and text in one application. Users can focus in on different parts of music, pause, make notes, and then share the file with others who can then contribute their thoughts.

“Futurpreneur Canada believed in the innovative project I’ve developed and has now given me the tools necessary to turn it into a business,” said Kamlesh. As the sole partner of the venture, he is often faced with the challenge of working and addressing problems alone. The Futurpreneur Canada program has provided him with a mentor, who Kamlesh said, “has shared his knowledge and experiences that have helped me to overcome obstacles and achieve my goals. He is there to follow-up on my progress and assist in times of need, which is a huge motivation and makes me feel part of the larger entrepreneurial community.”


Stick to the field you are passionate about. Your expertise and experience will give you an upper hand on your competition, allowing you to build a better product. Passion will also keep you motivated even when you experience or struggle through failures.”