Offset Market Exchange (OMX)

Nicole Verkindt of Offset Market Exchange (OMX). / Nicole Verkindt, d'Offset Market Exchange (OMX).
  • Owner:

    Nicole Verkindt

  • Jobs Created:


  • Inception:


  • Mentor:

    Jim Latimer

  • Industry:

    Computer/Software Applications

  • Location:

    Toronto, Ontario

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Business Profile

OMX is an online subscription based platform to connect Canadian companies with large government contractors in order to help them fulfill their Canadian content obligations. The platform also helps those contractors manage, comply and track their obligations to buy Canadian.

When used at its highest capacity, corporations can search, filter, message, collaborate, track and store compliance documents on Canadian companies. They can then initiate government proposals and projects and track against contract obligations with the government and break down all Canadian jobs and spending per region (political riding in fact).

My Story

I was inspired after having to shut down a high tech “signature management” business that had been in operations for nearly 40 years, started by my family. There was a policy in place that was supposed to drive local content with government procurements, but we were never able to realize any benefit from it. I was inspired to help other small technology businesses in Canada connect with foreign corporations to drive sales. I was also passionate about helping big foreign companies track and manage and increase the value of their investments in Canada.


Focus on sales first. A good entrepreneurial friend once told me that “sales saves all sins”, and was she ever right.”