Jenviev Azzolin of Pplconnect. / Jenviev Azzolin, de Pplconnect.
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    Jenviev Azzolin

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  • Mentor:

    Martin Letendre

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    Montreal, Quebec

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Business Profile

Imagine the flexibility of your mobile content and functionality anywhere. The pplconnect* Virtual Smartphone* lets you access and use your realtime mobile content from any web-enabled device. Log-in to your personal pplconnect account and gain access to your mobile from a computer, laptop, tablet and more. Driven by the desire to bring positive change, pplconnect was born from the bold idea
to transform the mobile industry by handing users the power over their mobile content.

Starting a smartphone revolution

The idea behind pplconnect came from uncovering a market need. Jenviev and her business partner Denzil observed that more and more people, including themselves, were growing increasingly dependent on their smartphones. Often people experience separation anxiety when their mobile battery dies; when they forget their phone at home; while traveling abroad; or when switching mobile devices. After some digging, came the discovery that this phenomenon affects people on an international scale. This, combined with the desire to build a company that would have a positive impact on people worldwide (by building a customer drive- solution), led to the launch of pplconnect.

Both partners left their secure jobs at Bombardier to create pplconnect – starting from zero and building the business from the ground up by working day and night. A business plan was built and quickly submitted to the Quebec Angel Investor Challenge. Although pplconnect seemed too ‘early-stage’ for this kind of competition, they decided to take the risk and apply anyway. This risk paid off when pplconnect won the competition! Shortly thereafter, pplconnect was selected by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada in collaboration with the Mobile
Experience and Innovation Center to attend the India Telecom Show, as a member of the Canadian delegation (of which they were the only start-up). Momentum continued to grow from there as people started gravitating towards the idea and getting on-board with the vision.

“I love what I do and feel very fortunate to be building this business, especially because I believe that we are making a difference,” says Jenviev. There is no such thing as an average day for the pplconnect team. Every day they build something new and see it come to life while inspiring people to join their mission.



Being an entrepreneur means you have the power to do something no one has ever done before. You have the ability to improve the way things work and ultimately dream of a better tomorrow. Your actions can inspire others to make a difference. It’s an incredible feeling.”