QSQ Giclée Boutique Inc.

Ernesto Medina Jordan of QSQ Giclée Boutique Inc.
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    Ernesto Medina Jordan

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  • Mentor:

    Bruce Boyden

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    Toronto, Ontario

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Business Profile

QSQ Giclée Boutique Inc. is a printing and design shop specializing in Giclée prints, photo restorations and graphic design. Using the latest in photographic and printing technologies, Ernesto is able to produce high quality products while providing exceptional service.

My Story

Creating perfection one print at a time

Ernesto obtained a Bachelor of Interior Design in Havana, Cuba before moving to Toronto. He discovered his passions while working as a graphic designer specializing in large format printing. When in Toronto, he continued to learn and grow within the printing industry through his role as Manager at a local photo lab and it was there where he was inspired to open his own print shop.

As a recent newcomer to Canada, financing was hard to come by and his requests were turned down by major banks. QSQ Giclée Boutique Inc. is the result of Ernesto’s perseverance and the financing and resources provided by Futurpreneur Canada.

Ernesto’s determination has allowed him to gain major clients while developing great partnerships with Toronto’s vibrant art community. His most inspirational moment as an entrepreneur was paying off his debt, and building a profitable business despite a competitive industry and poor economic conditions.

Becoming an entrepreneur helped Ernesto realize his dream of making a living while doing what he loves. For him, there are no alternatives that would allow him to implement his ideas of creativity and freedom that he enjoys. Ernesto’s advice for new entrepreneurs is, “If you love what you are going to do and you see yourself doing it for a while, then go for it. Be ready for ups and downs and do not give up.”


My mentor was very instrumental during the entire start-up process of my business. All the advice and coaching he provided helped improve my entrepreneurial skills during the most crucial moments.”