Rosemarie Enslin

Rosemarie Enslin
  • Mentored:

    Sarah Khallad, Melanie Breitkreutz and Mitchell Furlong

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  • Location:

    Calgary , Alberta

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Business Profile

Rosemarie Enslin is an established public relations executive who has been honoured for her volunteer work. Her company, Enslin Group Ltd., is known for its strategic communications campaigns and the outstanding results it achieves for its clients. The company has promoted countries, launched companies, opened resorts, hotels and attractions and been retained by many large and small organizations.

My Story

“The rewards from being a mentor are amazing.” That from 2009 Futurpreneur Canada's National and Alberta Outstanding Mentor Award winner, Rosemarie Enslin. Rosemarie first became a mentor after attending a Futurpreneur Canada dinner as a guest of one of her public relations clients. As soon as the plates were cleared, Rosemarie signed on to become a mentor. Speaking of her pride in her two proteges, Rosemarie says she tries to help them by speaking the truth – talking about her fears, challenges and failures as well as her success during her entrepreneurial career.

Calling mentorship a truly rewarding experience that she continues to gain from, Rosemarie encourages others to become involved with Futurpreneur Canada for the opportunity to watch a great idea turn into a business, and to watch young entrepreneurs grow as they tackle many of the same issues they did. “Maybe I can help a few young women and men – who are facing all the terrifying hurdles of simply starting their own company and learning how to sell their services or products – to have a little more confidence in their own choices. I promise them they can call me in the middle of the night, that I’ll root for them and I’ll stand behind them. I promise them that if it doesn’t work, it will be the best learning experience they've ever had.”


Being a mentor is a really rewarding experience and I urge people to consider becoming one. I have become a better manager and achieved better business results because of Futurpreneur Canada. I never expected to gain so much for being a mentor. I thought I was going to do the giving. Being a Futurpreneur Canada is one of the smartest things I have ever done!”