Second Nature Adventure in Discovery

Heather Hinam of Second Nature Adventure in Discovery. / Heather Hinam, de Second Nature Adventure in Discovery.
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    Heather Hinam

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    Lindy Norris

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    Riverton, Manitoba

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Business Profile

Second Nature Adventures in Discovery is dedicated to helping people reconnect with the world around them. There are two complimentary sides of the business: Experience Manitoba and Discover Nature. Experience Manitoba offers custom-designed, intimate and engaging tourism experiences and team building adventures. Discover Nature offers customized solutions for reconnecting with nature, supported by kits, workshops, materials and signage basing the content on the habitats and ecosystems in the region.

My Story

Following her passion into the wilderness, Heather Hinam has a passion for Manitoba’s wilderness. After completing an intense academic program that included a PhD in conservation biology, she worked as an ecotourism guide at a resort hotel in Manitoba. When the resort closed, Heather needed a new way to share her knowledge and be immersed in the natural environment that she loved so much. She decided the best way to do this was to create her own business and enable people to establish a personal connection with nature. Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth, MB4Youth Division connected Heather with Futurpreneur Canada, where she received financing, business resources and mentoring. Lindy Norris, a Futurpreneur Canada mentor, provides advice and support to help Heather run her business. In her first year of business, Heather has already received an award recognizing her commitment to sustainable tourism. She believes that the business is growing into a driving force in nature education and tourism in the province. “Being an entrepreneur has made it possible to combine all my talents and passions into a job that brings me constant satisfaction,” she said.


My mentor has been instrumental in helping me create a brand for my business. She has been a great sounding board as I build the image of my company, offering helpful and actionable advice when I’m working out marketing ideas. My business is a little difficult to describe and she helps me break it down into workable pieces”