Shevaun Voisin

Shevaun Voisin
Business Profile

Shevaun Voisin is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the national magazine, Simple Motivation. Simple Motivation Magazine is targeted to upper management executives and entrepreneurs and is shelved in the business section of every Chapters and Indigo store across Canada. It is available in airports in New York, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. It is also handed out to audience members who attend motivational speaking Power Within events across Canada and the U.S. and by subscription. Shevaun has profiled U.S. President Bill Clinton, Pursuit of Happyness author Chris Gardner, Blue Rodeo’s Bob Egan, alternative medicine icon Deepak Chopra, business guru Patrick Lencioni, and investment experts Patricia Lovett-Reid, David Bach, and Phil Town. Shevaun is also the President of Declan McAndrew Publishing Ltd., and is a property developer who manages several properties across Ontario.

My Story

Don’t play small. Dream huge.

That’s the advice Shevaun Voisin gave Janine Keller Ng when Janine first approached her mentor with the idea of creating Blue Skies Yoga and Eco Store.

As the president of Declan McAndrew Publishing Ltd. and the Editor-in-Chief of Simple Motivation Magazine, Shevaun has followed the advice of countless business and community leaders, and applied those suggestions not only to her life, but to her protégé, and feels strongly that it is important to give back to the community, particularly during a time of economic recovery. Shevaun adds that while she’s happy to share her experience with Janine, she stresses that she is merely reminding her that obstacles can eventually become opportunities.

“Mentoring has nothing to do with telling a person what to do. It has everything to do with reminding the person before you how they are perfectly equipped to face what needs to be done. Good mentors simply mirror the unlimited capacity of the one they are mentoring.”


The days that I have mentored (Janine) have turned out to be a gift, because I am able to be part of the positive process of creating her dream. (Mentoring) is a reciprocally beneficial experience. Both parties will undoubtedly grow from the experience. ”