Sweet Petite Confectioner

Cindy Tran of Sweet Petite Confectioner. / Cindy Tran of Sweet Petite Confectioner.
  • Owner:

    Cindy Tran

  • Jobs Created:

    1 Full-Time; 3 Part-Time

  • Inception:


  • Mentor:

    Rob Potts

  • Industry:


  • Location:

    Vancouver, British Columbia

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Business Profile

Sweet Petite Confectioner offers customers an opportunity to indulge in memorable edibles that literally leave a sweet impression. A wholesale manufacturer, distributor and caterer of gourmet desserts and baked goods, the Vancouver-based confectionery proudly creates these tasty treats for individuals, corporate events and weddings.

My Story

The descendent of a long line of self-starters, Cindy Tran knew that building her own business was an idea she would explore at some point in her life. As a child, she found watching the hard work her father put into running his own series of small businesses particularly inspiring.
“Seeing how he navigated the ups and downs that come with owning a business didn’t deter me from my own dreams of being an entrepreneur,” she says. “I viewed his experiences as lessons I could learn from when I eventually built my company.”

Leaving her corporate bank job in 2013, Cindy inched her way into the entrepreneurial realm, partnering for a short time with another baking business before taking the leap and building Sweet Petite Confectioner on her own. The choice to enter the dessert industry came from her strong love for food and bringing people together.
“In my culture, food is seen as something that bonds people. I wanted to create a business that married collaboration with other bakers and pastry chefs with innovative dessert products and services, making for an overall exceptional experience.”

Futurpreneur provided Cindy with the funding necessary to start her business, and connected her with knowledgeable mentors she may not have otherwise met. “Futurpreneur is like a silent partner or investor whose only interest is to champion your growth and success,” she says. “The mentor they provided constantly encourages me to think critically about every decision I make for my business.”

Five years from now, Cindy envisions exploring the idea of adding pop-up shops or custom dessert trucks to her business plan. “Currently, I’m thinking of ways I can bring my dessert business to as many different markets in Canada as possible,” she says. “Ultimately, I would love to create a business model or system for the dessert industry that other businesses can replicate.


Don’t go into creating your own business alone when there are so many resources out there to help you. Also, be open to negative feedback, as this is the easiest way to fix a potential problem with your business that you may not have noticed before.”