Tasso Dikaios

Tasso Dikaios
Business Profile

Tasso Dikaios is an IT manager with Time and Space Media Ltd., which provides media strategies for a wide variety of companies. Tasso manages the technical aspects of Time and Space Media Ltd. In addition, Tasso also owns and manages a number of residential and commercial properties in the Halifax area.

My Story

“Helping someone achieve a dream.”

Tasso Dikaios describes being a mentor to his award-winning entrepreneur George Christakos as a “tremendous personal reward.” As an IT manager for Time and Space Media Ltd, Tasso has extensive experience in a leadership role, and guiding people towards success. And success is what has come from his mentoring relationship with George, who credits Tasso’s business expertise, his encouragement and his love of quality food in helping The Brooklyn Warehouse become one of the hottest spots in Halifax. Tasso, in turn, is overjoyed at the success George has seen with his restaurant.

“I felt a great sense of pride and accomplishment during one of our earlier mentoring sessions, when I realized that George had exceeded his first year’s projections at the six month mark!”

Tasso says he tries to meet with George on a regular basis, some days just touching base with one another, and other times to answer specific questions. He adds that what works best for their relationship is when he shares his own experiences as an example - not necessarily to be followed exactly, but to be used as guide experiment with, and to learn from.


Participation in the Futurpreneur Canada mentorship program has given me a great sense of pride and inspiration. To see how George’s hard work and determination have paid off has been really rewarding for me. I know that he will continue to do great things in his life and career and I am proud to have played a small part in his success.”