Think Dirty Inc.

Lily Tse of Think Dirty Inc. / Lily Tse, de Think Dirty inc.
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    Lily Tse

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    Giancarlo De Lio

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    Computer/Software Applications

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    Toronto, Ontario

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Business Profile

Think Dirty is an independent resource that allows consumers to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in cosmetics by comparing products as they shop. After downloading the Think Dirty app, the user scans the product barcode to get easy-to-understand info on the product, its ingredients, and cleaner options. The company’s mission is to make shopping for clean cosmetic products easy, hip and fun.

My Story

Taking control of her career path

Lily has always wanted to work for herself. She started freelance design work while in University to help with her tuition get work experience. Like most young people, she followed a traditional employment path after graduation based on the encouragement of her parents and peers. After 12 years of working as an Art Director in advertising agencies, she came back to entrepreneurship and started her own design company called “Happy Monday”. Lily was self-employed for a year when she realized that she now had the flexibility to pursue a project related to health and beauty, something she was passionate about. That’s when Think Dirty was born.

Her inspiration to start Think Dirty came from personal experience with allergies and a desire to avoid chemicals in cosmetic products. Countless studies have shown that exposure to certain chemicals can increase risk factors for certain health problems. As a concerned consumer, Lily made a conscious effort to avoid these chemicals. However, she soon realized that it was difficult to understand packaging labels with unpronounceable chemical names and that navigating science blogs and reports was too time consuming for average concerned citizens. Think Dirty was created to address these challenges and make it easy for anyone to learn what the potentially toxic ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products are.

Lily feels that the most exciting aspect of being an entrepreneur is that she can experiment with her crazy ideas without approval from anyone else. Sometimes those trials are a success and sometimes they are a failure. Either way, she sees the value in learning lessons that she would not have learned if she had not pursued a specific path. She loves being responsible for her own successes and failures and being in control of her own destiny.


Connect with the right group of people who will see entrepreneurship as a positive thing. Don’t second guess yourself. Most the time you know the answer, just afraid to act on it.”