Thyme to Dine

Jennifer Wellsman of Thyme to Dine. / Jennifer Wellsman, de Thyme to Dine.
  • Owner:

    Jennifer Wellsman

  • Jobs Created:


  • Inception:

    July 2012

  • Mentor:

  • Industry:

    Food and Beverage

  • Location:

    St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Business Profile

Thyme to Dine offers residents and businesses in the St. John’s and surrounding areas with personal chef and catering services ranging from dinner parties to hor d’oeurves for business functions to pre-packaged meals with cooking instructions for busy professionals, seniors, and families.

My Story

Jennifer always knew she wanted to run her own business; to be her own boss and set her own hours. It was not until a friend mentioned in jest that she wished she has a personal chef to cook meals for her, that it struck Jennifer this was something she would be great at. While on maternity leave with her second child, she began to plan, and the small kernel of a new business idea became a reality.

A St. John’s native, Jennifer has watched the community flourish and increasingly become a cultural hub of activity. This means that people are working hard and do not always have the time to cook a healthy meal. But it also means that residents are looking to eat a wider range of food from different cultures. (A favourite of Jennifer’s clients is the chicken breast stuffed with feta, artichokes and parsley, and other clients are asking for curry and Thai food options.)

She knew the market demand was there, but Jennifer learned early on that her love of food and cooking would not be enough to grow her business. “I realized that new client weren’t just going to come to me….I had to go and get them. It wasn’t within my immediate comfort zone to network but I knew this was essential to getting more recognition about what I do. So, I enrolled in a course that helped me gain my confidence to go and meet people. Networking is now part of what I do and I enjoy it.”

Futurpreneur Canada provided Jennifer with a mentor who helped guide the development of her business plan and then secure the funds she needed to start. “Without Futurpreneur, I wouldn’t be as far ahead as I am now,” said Jennifer.

Being an entrepreneur has allowed Jennifer to do what she loves to do and balance those responsibilities with time to spend with her children. “Being my own boss allows me to adapt to situations more easily.”


Network. Meet as many business owners as you can. I have found other women business owners especially helpful. From them I have learned so many helpful pieces of practical advice but have also learned that they shared the same fears as doubts as I did – this perspective and the knowledge you are not alone is invaluable.”