Toneland Studio

Lee Buckland of Toneland Studio. / Lee Buckland of Toneland Studio.
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    Lee Buckland

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    Paul de Burger

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    Burlington, Ontario

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Business Profile

Toneland Studio is Burlington Ontario’s first one-stop-shop for recording, rehearsal space, and music instruction. Toneland’s mission is to inspire students and professionals to succeed in their musical goals. Our hope is to accomplish this by providing clients with a state of the art facility and a passion for keeping the old traditions of music alive.

My Story

My parents inspired me to take the leap into entrepreneurship. They are both owners of their own successful companies and have always encouraged entrepreneurship. They are also supportive of my decision to go into the music industry, an extremely difficult line of work that requires creative ways of thinking to ensure a healthy business. I love being an entrepreneur because it allows me to continue to develop my skills as a musician and growing my business helps other musicians, which keeps live music and music education thriving in my community. This was the main reason I opened up Toneland.


Seeking out support services like Futurpreneur or family and friends I believe is key. Having resources to assist you is probably the most important part of taking that first initial leap. Not only will you need help in the first stages ie. business planning, financial support, but having a support network to discuss ideas or get advice from is crucial. ”