Trans-Plan Transportation Inc.

Shadi Hagag of Trans-Plan Transportation Inc. / Shadi Hagag, de Trans-Plan Transportation inc.
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    Shadi Hagag

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  • Mentor:

    Peter Vanexan

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    Mississauga, Ontario

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Business Profile

Getting you from Point A to Point B.

Trans-Plan provides responsive, innovative services and systems in Transportation & Traffic Planning. Clients include private  sector owners, architects, contractors, investors and government clients. Trans-Plan is recognized as an industry leader in the  provision of high quality, cost-effective multidisciplinary transportation engineering and traffic planning solutions for a diverse range of assignments.

Trans-Plan Transportation’s core practice areas include transportation planning, functional planning, transportation engineering, Traffic and Transportation Assets Management Systems (TAMS) and public transit services.

My Story

Shadi Hagag knew that one day he would own his own company.

After working for other people and gaining experience for a number of years, Shadi decided he was ready to become his own boss, and sought the investment and support of CYBF to develop Trans-Plan Transportation Inc.

Shadi says he enjoys being an entrepreneur because it allows him the freedom to be creative with not only his ideas, but with his methods of developing and applying them. He credits his mentor Peter Vanexan with helping him work through difficult business decisions.

“The most powerful moment that I’ve experienced as an entrepreneur has been seeing my ideas come to life and be put into action in the field. I have become more aware of the potential for development and opportunity for my company and my ideas.” Seeing great success as a new business owner, Shadi hopes that other young people will take advantage of the opportunities entrepreneurship presents, both for them personally and for the Canadian economy as a whole.


My mentor has helped me develop the confidence I need as an entrepreneur to make difficult but important decisions about the direction of my company. Peter has brought a great deal of experience that I learn from on an ongoing basis.”