Valeo Health Clinic

Dr. Benjamin Stevens of Valeo Health Clinic. / Dr Benjamin Stevens, de la clinique Valeo Health
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    Dr. Benjamin Stevens

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    Health and Wellness

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    Kelowna, British Columbia

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Business Profile

Valeo Health Clinic offers patients with a broad scope of chiropractic services, exercise rehabilitation, movement-based therapies, functional movement screening, massage therapy, and clinical nutrition guidance.

My Story

Dr. Ben Stevens always had an interest in the business-side of healthcare services. Prior to becoming a chiropractor and during his studies, he visited as many clinics throughout North America as he could with the intended purpose of observing what elements of managing clinics and working with clients worked well and those that did not. By the time he graduated, he had received a second education that would prove essential when developing his own business concepts.

After graduation, he spent many years practicing in what he described as ‘traditional clinics’ that offered narrow chiropractic services. While beneficial, he felt a more comprehensive and integrated offering would better address patient needs. This insight became the foundation of his clinic and practice concept.

At the same time, he chose to move to Kelowna, British Columbia. He soon found out that Kelowna – a tourist destination – was a draw for entrepreneurs and that entrepreneurial businesses actually formed the backbone of much of the community. After reaching out to many in the community, he was pointed to Futurpreneur Canada (then CYBF) as an organization that could help. In Futurpreneur Canada, Dr. Ben received financial support and was provided with a mentor.

Commenting on the transition from the early days of his business development to where he is now, Dr. Ben commented, “In the beginning, my main concern was ‘how do I survive?’ but now my focus is on ‘how do I thrive?’. As an entrepreneur you have to bring passion to the job every day because it is a way of life and is hard work. Because of the early efforts, I now have a strong customer base and focus on how to impact people’s lives. I am now able to think about long-term growth and the bigger picture – I couldn’t do this if I didn’t have my own business.”

For Dr. Ben, every seemingly small decision matters. After reading Jim Collins’ book Good To Great, he learned that the most successful businesses grew – not in one big leap – but through steady and intentional steps.


For the first few years your business will be a direct reflection of you, your energy, your persona, and your work ethic. Invest in your mind and your soul through regular reading and exercise. This will form your future more readily than a cool idea.”