JP Desjardins of Wallrus. / JP Desjardins, de Wallrus.
  • Owner:

    JP Desjardins

  • Jobs Created:


  • Inception:


  • Mentor:

    Pierre-Luc Poliquin

  • Industry:

    Computer/Software Applications

  • Location:

    Montreal, Quebec

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Business Profile

Wallrus broadcasts live twitter and instagram feeds (content+pictures) in a custom branded environment. It also includes a contest module and supports promotional videos and branding loops. With robust and simple moderating tools that can be operated from a computer, a phone, or tablet, it is a blast to use. Connect a PC or mac running the app in a web browser to any number of projectors or TVs and it just works.

My Story

Growing and building businesses

For JP, there was never another option. His first business, Orangerine,  is a sandbox that empowers us to create and learn on a daily basis with awesome clients. Wallrus is a direct result of that sandbox. With his business partner, he saw an opportunity where we could add value to a stagnant market… and they dived right in!

His favourite part about being an entrepreneur? Having the freedom to try new ideas and the ability to execute them.


Success is not easy. Success takes time. Come prepared for the long haul. You can not do it alone, so make sure to have a good network of people around you and your business.”