Trailblazers IWD

In celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD), Futurpreneur Canada, in partnership with BDC, the Business Development Bank of Canada, is proud to present Trailblazers IWD: A celebration and showcase of inspiring young Canadian female entrepreneurs.

Join us on March 7th to hear from five trailblazing Futurpreneur-supported women entrepreneurs who have broken down barriers and found success in the competitive business world. Be inspired by their stories, network with other entrepreneurs and community members, and help celebrate IWD and Canadian women who are forging new paths in their communities.

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Event Details:


March 7, 2019 from 5:00-7:30PM


Phi Centre, Space D, 407 Rue Saint-Pierre, Montréal QC, H2Y 2M3


$10 (includes refreshments, unlimited soft drinks and one drink ticket towards an alcoholic beverage)

Meet our Trailblazers:

Raphaëlle Bonin
Station Service

Raphaëlle Bonin is a young entrepreneur who graduated from UQAM and HEC Montréal. Simultaneously visionary and in touch with today’s needs, she knows that the future of entrepreneurship requires being both ethical and responsible.

In 2017, Raphaëlle launched Station Service, a concept boutique which offers women a new way to enhance their wardrobes and improve their style by offering the option to rent or to buy timeless and lasting clothes from local designers.

She aims to make local fashion accessible to urban female customers, while offering an economic alternative to fast-fashion and the textile industry – one of the most polluting to date. Raphaëlle describes herself as a team player, ambitious and dedicated… Definitely an entrepreneur to look out for!

Taina Chalifoux
Di Napoli café Inc.

Quebecois and Moroccan, Taina Chalifoux comes from a rich multicultural background that allowed her to develop a great curiosity for the world. With degrees in business administration and international commerce & marketing, Taina decided to embark on her entrepreneurial journey after completing her studies.

In 2014, she launched Di Napoli café Inc. Her concept? Offer businesses, stores and restaurants the opportunity to rent high-quality Italian coffee machines and capsules, with a true commercial service for coffee breaks.

Three years later, her business is thriving with 400 clients in the greater Montréal area. In 2015, the Di Napoli café Inc. team was featured in the famous Radio-Canada TV program “Dans l’œil du Dragon”, and received an offer that exceeded the initial amount requested.

Taina’s personal vision for entrepreneurship is made of passion, originality and a touch of casualness! She loves sharing her experiences and inspiring other entrepreneurs.

Amira Boutouchent

Amira Boutouchent is the co-founder and CEO of Bridgr, a technology company created in 2016 with the support of Futurpreneur that helps small and medium manufacturing businesses find qualified experts to digitalize their operations.

After graduating in computer engineering in Algeria and obtaining her Master’s degree in Management from HEC Montréal, Amira participated in a research project aimed to explore strategic and operational challenges in North Africa and Québec. This experience allowed her to recognize to what extent digital transformation can be complex for manufacturers who struggle to find appropriate consultants and technologies.

Amira is a born entrepreneur, equally at ease with the technical language as with the one of business. Confident and determined, Amira knows that the digital transformation is an important issue for the manufacturing industry in Québec and that its evolution just started.

Gabriela Passos Braz
Dulce Paradise

Gabriela is the proud owner of Dulce Paradise, a bakery that launched in 2018 with the support of Futurpreneur, specializing in Brazilian desserts.

Nine years ago, Gabriela decided to change her professional path to follow her dream of becoming a pastry chef. She started at home, preparing cakes and desserts on demand and giving culinary workshops. Meanwhile, she continued training in her field and in business management, made contacts in the Brazilian community and gradually built up her client base.

For Gabriela, becoming an entrepreneur is a journey that provides her with daily teachings. She recognizes that there are many challenges to face, but being able to realize her dreams gives her a sense of satisfaction and achievement. What is her advice to emerging entrepreneurs? Learn how to manage your time and money in order to unleash your creativity!

Caroline Munger
Biscuit et cassonade

With a passion for travelling, adventure and discovering new things, Caroline Munger is also an experienced businesswoman with more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing.

Originally for fun, Caroline created two, stuffed sheep; characters that she brings with her all over the world and whom she photographs, in order to share their adventures on social media.

In 2015, she decided to leave everything behind to devote herself to her passion and started Biscuit et Cassonade. Photographed in a real setting, the two cuddly toys explore the world and share their discoveries with a contagious curiosity. Best-sellers of Québec children’s literature, the two characters have now a whole collection of their own: 8 albums, 2 stuffed characters, a pre-school guide and derived products. A television show is currently being developed.

Thanks to her dedication, entrepreneurial skills, and creative talent, Caroline has successfully established her unique concept into a well-supplied market. She is an inspiring shining example, showing that it’s possible to make your dreams come true - even the wildest ones!